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"I spent 24 years defending our Freedom, our Constitution, and our Christian values. That freedom is under attack - and right now you need a warrior as your representative, not a career politician"
- Shane Hudella

When I'm Your State Representative, here's what you can expect:

  • More Disposable Income – You’ll have more money in your pocket to fight Democrat-caused inflation when we repeal the gas tax, lower tax rates, and exempt social security benefits from state taxes.

  • Crime Reduction – You’ll feel safer going to the grocery store at night when we support our police and demand accountability of judges in sentencing criminals. 

  • Right To Life – Our Pro-Life mindset will ensure that everyone has the right to life, including the unborn that don’t yet have a voice.

  • Bright Future – Your children, grandchildren, and the young people you know will have a brighter, healthier future when we refuse to support radical gender ideology and critical race theory-based education.

  • Balanced Education – The young people in your life will be better prepared for jobs, higher education, entrepreneurship, or military service when we support a rigorous, high quality, balanced education in our schools. 

  • Ban Mandates – You’ll be safer from government oppression when we ban vaccine and mask mandates and eliminate excessive executive powers in Minnesota.

  • Gun Ownership – Your Constitutional rights will be more secure when we refuse to enact unreasonable restrictions on gun ownership.

  • Tough on Fentanyl – You and your family will have less to fear from deadly fentanyl when we support stronger borders, demand tougher sentences for criminals, refuse no-bail laws, and stop criminals from avoiding accountability through drug court appearances.

  • Election Integrity – Your citizenship will mean more when we ensure our elections are secure, votes are counted appropriately, and close the loopholes now being exploited to harvest votes.


Husband and Father • 24-year Army Veteran • Nationwide Non-Profit Founder • Lifelong Hastings Resident

Join our team and make Cottage Grove, Hastings, and surrounding communities a safe, healthy, prosperous place to live and work.

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Use of military rank, job titles, or photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the
Department of Defense or the military in any way.

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